Tuesday, July 25, 2006
what an amazing show..

Today went by very quickly (as you would expect with a day off unfortunately). I got up at 6ish, started cleaning up and then my Aunt called around 1 telling me to meet her at Costco. I took a quick shower and was there in like 10 minutes. We went inside and she told me to pick up whatever I needed. I was heading for the Chicken when we saw that evidently Costco is the new Marshalls. They had Nautica, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein jeans/pants/shirts at less than half the normal retail. I picked up 5 pairs of pants/jeans 3 shirts, and a couple packs of underwear before making my way to the meat area. In the end, I had a full cart along with $100 gift card. Very nice...
On the way home I filled up on Gas and bought a pack of smokes (yes I am still with that at the moment). Then I showered, got dressed and headed to my ex-wife's house to pick up my older son. Traffic was insane because of a serious accident on Rte. 2 near Colchester and what is normally a 50 minute trip took an hour and a half. Not a big deal we arrived at Mohegan Sun before 6. I went and picked up the Comp. tickets and then off to their Buffet. My son had never been (naturally) and really enjoyed himself.
We walked around till about 7 and headed into the Arena to get our seats, which as it turned out were 12th row center! The packet also included coupons for any large beverage at the snack bar. Seriously they take care of you at Mohegan Sun (and I have maybe been 3 times in the last year, go figure)
The show began with someone named David Garza, who was um, different. I can't say much about him other than he performed 4 songs and was gone. Vocally he left a lot to be desired (It may have been the horrid sound system at this Venue) his lyrics were repetitive and grating, and well I have to wonder why Fiona and Damien would carry him with them on tour. Yikes, I have trouble understanding how he opened for Ani DiFranco & The Smashing Pumpkins in the past..
Billing had Fiona first, but Damien opened (thankfully because my son doesn't much care for her, although I do) He was just amazing as was his background vocalist Lisa Hannigan. He played everything I wanted to hear including Cold Water and naturally The Blower's Daughter (which was the final song). It was a completely mixed crowd, although predominately older (30-60) which was unexpected. I suppose that is the result of many comp tickets, because the troll next to me (and I say that only because he seemed to find negative humor in Damien's lyrics which he continuously mentioned throughout the show) had no idea who he was watching, and when told "Damien Rice" he said that he had no idea who that was.
In any case, priceless was my son's smile when Cold Water came on. It really made me smile, because not a month ago we weren't speaking at all, and now we were sharing something incredibly special. Neither of us will forget tonight, I am sure of that.
We talked all the way down, all during the evening and all the way home. It was just the most amazing night on so many levels. When I dropped him off he hugged me, thanked me for taking him and told me that he loved me. What a night....
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Blogger Jim said...
I'm glad the rough patch with your son has smoothed itself out. Of course, we are all glad you are back in bloglandia :)

Oh, I picked up Garza's CD a few years back, its good in a studio-produced vacuum but I guess that doesn't necesarily translate into good in concert.

Blogger Polt said...
Don't know much about the performers you mentioned, but I know I'm smiling ear to ear after reading the last paragraph.

I'm so happy for you, Jim!


Blogger Kevin said...
I'm glad things are working out between you and your son again ... I really am.

Blogger Kalvin said...
It really seems like things are going better. Hooray for a good concert. And god I hate the other concert-goers. Maybe that's why I hate live music so much.

Blogger Doghigh said...
I'm really happy to hear that you two had such a great time...it sounds like it went better than perfect. :-)

Blogger Michael said...
I'm so glad that the two of you got to see Damien and up close! My mind still spins from the one time I saw him in concert.

I'm happy for ya both and sorry about the call last night because I forgot you were going to the show.

aww Jim,
reading this just gives me a warm satisfied sensation in my belly.

aww Jim,
reading this just gives me a warm satisfied sensation in my belly.

I adore Damien Rice and I like Fionna Apple quite a bit too. You scored big time! What a great night. I just stumbled upon your blog from Mike's but just picking up what you've written it sounds really great about spending quality time with your son.

FYI- Damien Rice's "O" cd-- amazing.

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