Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Way Back Wednesday... my birthfather
with his great-grandfather and sister 1956

1968 Fort Dix

1974 (love the pants)


I met my birthfather (and birthmother) when I was 20. In so many ways I was fortunate to find them at such a young age, the most important being that I knew three of my grandparents who all passed away by the time I was 25. I had a detailed account of the search and meeting on my old blog, which I still have and need to re-post here some day soon. In the beginning (and before I married and started having children) we were pretty close, in fact it was on a vacation with them in Florida that my older son was conceived. Things began to go down hill after that, and I haven't spoken to my birthfather in probably 6 years. My birthmother I do speak to a couple times a year but its very sporadic and I haven't seen her since the summer of 2003. What is even more odd is that a couple months ago she moved into the apartments right across the street from my condo, yet for some reason, neither of us make the call to see one another. It's a difficult situation.


Ok now to something that really pisses me off. It's um 2006 right? Wouldn't you think that a company such as Mr. Coffee would make it a standard function on their machines to turn off after a reasonable period of time? Not with this piece of garbage....

Yesterday I forgot to turn it off as I was running out the door. I go in for 8AM. Sometime around 12 or so while sitting at my desk I remembered this and rushed home. The piece of crap was STILL on, the coffee boiled away and the pot about ready to shatter. I shudder to think what would have happened if I had waited until 4 when I got home.


When I moved here my Gram gave me the most amazing Coffee Machine which had a very cool clock, timer, essentially every special feature you could imagine. Well a week ago I was making a pot and as I poured in the water, it emptied out the back and all over the counter. I unplugged it and then left it in the sink for a while. I tried again with the same result. I need coffee in the morning (and occasionally in the evening) and well I had little funds this past week (for a number of reasons, bill time, upcoming beach trip, etc) so I ran to Wallmart and picked up the beauty pictured above. It was like $18 and the cheapest model, which was fine for the moment.


I just assumed it had the "power off after 2 hours" function every coffee maker I have ever owned had. Evidently not, I went online yesterday and it does not (which was further proven when I ran home yesterday). Wasn't there a problem with Mr.Coffee and self-combusting machines a few years ago? Evidently the law suits that occurred had no impact because the bastards still make a unit that will burn down your house/condo should you be in a rush and forget to turn it off. Now I'm paranoid and shut the damn thing off after it finishes brewing.

Ok end.of.rant.


S1 157

Blogger Phoenixboi said...
What's with the coffee machine?? Is it a drip thing? You call that coffee??

Come over, Ill show you what REAL coffee is ;)

love ya mate xox

Blogger Polt said...
This is why I prefer tea, made in a teapot. Once the kettle starts making it's racket, there's no way you can leave it on. :)

Oh Jim,
For me it was so awkward and disjointed a feeling, not really knowing how we "fit" together.
And you should be drinking espresso. Really now, Jim. Less caffeine, better taste. okay, no more lecture.

Blogger Hanuman1960 said...
I'm not a coffee drinker myself, but, F will make a pot for himself on Sundays.

I don't think ours has an automatic shut off switch either, now that you mention it....

Blogger Adam said...
I love the new banner! Brad and I abandoned all electronic coffee machines after our last one, it was such a nightmare to use. We now only use a french press or a stovetop espresso pot. Back to basics, thats how you avoid the perils of the modern era.

Blogger Kalvin said...
I wish I had some words of wisdom on the coffee maker, but I'm even more inept than you are. You could always get uppity and follow Adam's suggestion.

Blogger El G├╝ero said...
I've read that when adopted people meet their birth parents the initial relationship is great but that then realities sink in. It would be interesting if you wrote more about that.

Blogger potusol said...
Yeah, count me in as a tea drinker. But I'm about to get two new coffee swigging roommates so I better invest in a nice pot.

: )

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