Friday, July 28, 2006
Happy Birthday Gram...
One of my favorite photos of Gram, Watch Hill, Rhode Island 1950something..

I remember Gram coming across this picture of my grandparents the day they wed when I was in High School. She took one look at it, ripped it in two exclaiming "God I hated that woman", referring to Della, the lady standing behind her. I retrieved it from the trash when she wasn't looking and have had it ever since. She was just 18 in this photo.

Gram with my father and Aunt, Wilbraham, Massachusetts.

She always hated this shot, and said it made her hair look as red as Lucille Ball's. taken while on a Cruise we took to Nova Scotia when I was about 20. That stupid rabbit would not leave her alone.

Finally from 2 summers ago, with my Aunt. I think it is just so beautiful, since they rarely show any sort of affection to one another. Sad...


So today is my Gram's 82nd birthday. My friend and I took her to dinner last night, and my family will celebrate properly on Sunday afternoon at my Aunt's who will host a barbecue pool party with my children and relatives. It should be fun, Gram loves to swim, and of course spending time with my sons.


I have always been incredibly close to my Gram, primarily because I am her only grandchild, but secondly because my late father was her eldest (of two) children, her favorite who passed away at the age of 41. I was 15 when he died, and needless to say it was a very traumatic period of my life, as it was for her. She adored my father, and she has always said there was never a loss greater than the day he left us. She was my rock and I was hers.


Gram began failing mentally about 8 years ago. It's been somewhat gradual, but she has very little short term memory now, although she can recant events of 20, 40, 60 years ago with amazing clarity. It's typical from what I understand, given her condition. I feel in so many ways that I have lost a friend, while we are still as close as possible, I can't confide in her any longer or reach out for her opinion, which I always have in the past. She becomes moody, arrogant and even rude on occasion, but once again, this is typical. Physically she is as healthy as a woman 20 years her junior, which is something to be thankful for in any case.


Oh and you wan't to hear something really weird?

My biological Grandmother

was born the exact same day and year in the SAME City (Springfield, MA. July 28, 1924) as my Gram. It's just too weird. I never checked to see if it was the same hospital but that would be bizarre. In any case............



today's call is of unknown origin, well what I mean to say I have no idea who made it or what it's from, but it's pretty funny (I think).

Poor elderly Bill has become confused and lost so he calls a shelter to get some help. Judy has the most difficult time convincing him not to walk across a busy street, cars honking. Hysterical!!


(click above to play, right click to save)


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Blogger Hanuman1960 said...
Please send my birthday greetings to your Gram!

P.S. That's you in that bunny costume, isn't it? ;)

Blogger Steve said...
Happy Birthday to your Gram! Hope you have a great weekend, too.

Those rabbits, man! they seem to really be heavy into cross species attraction. I'm sorry for your gram with that love crazed rabbit stalking her. It must have been hell.

Blogger Will said...
Hey, Jim--you came back while I was on vacation. Delighted to see you! Thanks for the comment on DesignerBlog, where a new link to you has been added.

Blogger The_Gay_Dude said...
She looks like a lovely lady :)

Blogger El G├╝ero said...
Love those hats in the photo your grandmother tore up!

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