Sunday, July 16, 2006
The first day..

Woke up feeling a bit tired and hungover, had chinese last night which (because of the sodium) doesn't do so well with a night of drinking. Why is it I never remember this until the next day? I mean Chinese takeout from one of those places that runs around sticking their menu on car windshields is gross. It's all about delivery I guess, I should have just made something myself (and possibly burned down the condo complex). It's only 7:22 I have 3 hours before I need to leave, my coffee maker died so I am drinking this instant shite (Folgers Coffee bags) which surprisingly aren't so bad. I think I will pick up a new unit today.

My life has been pretty eventful of late, I've been seeing someone for about a month now on and off, working like crazy, Grammy is getting tons worse and to make it all better I've been (as I mentioned before) turning to mr Vodka in the evenings with a friend. I don't think the dating thing will last, I'm not feeling it, and by now I so should.
Today I think I'll take the monsters to a movie, sadly there is absolutely nothing playing I want to see (since we've seen DaVinci & Pirates already), maybe we will hit the video store. Maybe for once they HAVE Libertine available. Everytime I check all available copies are rented. Otherwise it's going to be an uneventful day, they are forcasting like 95 with 100% humidity..yikes.
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Blogger Donald said...
great to see you blogging again-hope all is well

Blogger The_Gay_Dude said...
Welcome back!!!!!

Blogger Steve said...
When I checked to see who this was that commented on my blog, I was talking on the phone with Chris and went Holy Crap! Welcome back! We've missed you.

Blogger Michael said...
I am SO glad you are back. I've missed ya a lot and apparently I'm not doing so hot at catchin ya to talk either.

And all because I happened to check your profile again :):)


Blogger Sandouri Dean Bey said...
welcome back, friend.

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