Thursday, May 11, 2006
The written warning...

My boss is an asshole. He's been a miserable prick since the day he arrived (I've been there about 3 years longer than he has). I remember the first day we met him, the asshole was in a mood already, and he didn't even have the job yet. It hasn't been any better since. His moto (although I have never heard him actually use this term) is "Shoot first, deal with the casualties later". I mean this guy makes fellow women coworkers cry, and if they aren't crying when they leave his office, thoughts of hatchets, guns and knives are surely on their minds. I thought I would outline exactly what it is about this jerk (and he's called worse on a regular basis) that I find offensive and grating.

1. He is just.plain.rude No other way to say it really, call him, expect to be belittled, accused of poor work performance and well anything that will send you out of his office as quickly as possible.

2. He is the weakest administrator I have ever served under. He pacifys his staff momentarily and will tell them whatever they need to hear (essentially) to once again, get them out of his office. I overlap shifts, so I have seen him in action when one person has a gripe against another. He basically tells each what they want to hear, instead of being objective and solving the mess.

3. He prays on the weak and introverted, well like myself. (I'll get into that in a second) If you aren't the type to give it right back to him, then he will walk all over you. However, if you are cute, female and under lets say 40 (he is in his late 50's) then he will charm you to death, smiling, speaking softly, catering to your every needs (within reason) let's not even go into the flirting, but then again there is nothing politically correct about the behavior in my office.

I remember one time I had a calendar a friend made for me with my old high school picture in the center as a sort of joke, which I had hanging up. He saw it and asked loudly and sarcastically:

"Why do you have a picture of a Guy on your calendar?"

or the time a co-worker took a day off to bring her son somewhere and I mentioned that he had given me a hard time about about taking my own son for a psychological evaluation...

"Well, she's a woman, they are closer to their children, you know how it is..."

ANYWAY... one of his trademarks is while in a bad mood (more often than not) if he sees or hears something which might serve to worsen his mood... he flies off the handle.

"I'm going to fire him tomorrow"
"Heads will roll"
"Somebody is going to lose their job over this"

well evidently something went wrong after I went home at 4pm Monday. I was the convenient brunt of his anger. Evidently he has witnessed me using the internet more than he would like.

NEWS FLASH-- I work in technical support, we are pretty much there to take problem calls, which range drastically in severity. Some days are very hectic, some are nearly eventless, but no matter what type of day it is we need to be there ready and able. In between, to preserve our sanity we have the Internet, all of us surf frequently when there is nothing pressing to do.

Well today I was called into my direct superiors office (My boss didn't even deliver this directly) and handed a written warning.

"Internet abuse" was the main reason supplied. My crime? having the closest and most visible desk to his evidently. Everyone around me is online constantly, but it is my desk that he frequents the most because of the nature of my work and naturally if I have a site up, he only views my screen when he comes out of his office.

ugh.. I need to get my resume together, I can only take so much more of his shit.

I guess I feel a little better, for now anyway. I was so aggravated tonight I neither walked nor crunched, ate pizza and watched TV. I feel like I've morphed into a couch potato, but stress can do this shit to you I suppose. Here's hoping tomorrow will get me out of this funk I am in.

So I guess I've been wallowing all night and have had Fevers and Mirrors playing on repeat for a while. It's funny how I use music to saturate myself with energy sometimes, not always positive, and with Conor it's kind of double negative saturation. I have been a follower for about 5 years now and actually was able to catch them at The Calvin in Northampton 3 years ago. Bright Eyes is an instant adoration or repulsion with people. I am drawn to lyrics, I can't appreciate a song if it is lyrically weak. This probably explains my disdain for most of what is popular mainstream crap these days and my love for lets say.. Tori Amos or System of a Down. Yea they have something in common imagine that! Sonically as different as you can possibly imagine, yet both with a message twisted and interwoven into their lyrics. Anyway.. here is a sample track from my favorite Bright Eyes release and pretty appropriate given my mood tonight..

(click title below or pic above to listen)

"Sunrise, Sunset"

Bright Eyes

Sunrise, sunset.
Sunrise, sunset.
Swiftly go the days.
Sunrise, sunset.
You wake up, then you undress.
It always is the same.
A sunrise and a sunset.
You are lying while you confess, keep trying to explain.
The sunrise and the sun sets you realize
and then you forget what you have been trying to retain.
But everybody knows that it is all about the things
that get stuck inside of your head,
like the songs your roommate sings
or a vision of her body as she stretches out on your bed.
She raised her hands in the air and asked you,
When was the last time you looked in the mirror?
Because you have changed.
Yeah, you have changed.
Sunrise, sunset.
You are hopeful and then you regret.
The circle never breaks.
With each sunrise and sunset there is a change of heart or address.
Is there nothing that remains?
For a sunrise or a sunset.
You are manic or you're depressed.
Will you ever feel ok?
It's a sunrise and sunset, your lover is an actress.
Did you really think she would stay?
For a sunrise and sunset.
You are either coming or you just left but you are always on the way.
Towards a sunrise or a sunset, a scribble or a sonnet.
They are really just the same.
To the sunrise and the sunset.
The master and his servant have exactly the same fate.
It's a sunrise and a sunset.
From a cradle to a casket.
There ain't no way to escape.
The sunrise and the sunset.
Hold your sadness like a puppet, just keep putting on the play.
But everything you do is leading to the point
where you just won't know what to do.
And at that moment you may laugh
but there is someone there who will be laughing louder than you.
So it's true, the trick is complete.
Now you have become everything you said that you never would be.
You're a fool! You're a fool!
Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset.
The sunrise and the sunset.
Sunrise, sunset.
Go home to your apartment
and put the cassette in the tape deck and let that fever play.
Sunrise, sunset.
Where are you Arienette?
Where are you Arienette?


Laters :(

S82 C13 152

Blogger . said...
Sorry for all the crap going on at work. I need to get my resume sharpened up too. Looks like I will me jobless in 2 years.

Hope something better comes along for you soon!

Blogger Brad said...
I'll beat that fucker up for ya if you want LOL. The fucking asshole! I just got out from underneath one of those freaks when I came out here. The biggest thing they do is just "wear you down mentally." I have a cute little program you can install on his computer and record everything he does... maybe you will get lucky and find something to make him move on *wink*

(and i AM serious) LOL

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I agree with Brad here. But as he's just a supervisor and not a CEO, perhaps your best move is to make up a list of his "practices" for the HR manager. I believe the little prick needs a taste of his own medicine.

Blogger Kalvin said...
That totally sucks. I'd like to say that when he had made those comments, I would have bit back, but I probably would have just been complacent. Man, hopefully things will get better, and you won't have to start looking 40 and female for it to happen.

Blogger fritz said...
QUIT! you idiot! You're going to end up in the cardiac ward of your local hospital if it doesn't put you in the morgue! Is anything worth that?

You're training me to stay up late
to catch you hot off the press, these days. In a former lifetime I did tech support at AOL. It was horrifying. I worked with 1200 burnout cases in a giant beehive.I'm soooo glad I'm not doing that anymore.
I just realized I didn't do crunches today either.

Blogger Miz BoheMia said...
Wow! I have been away for two days and you have been a blogging dynamo! Sorry for the absence! I finally started teaching again!

So sorry to hear about that asshole! I cannot imagine someone not getting along with you! They have to be real fuckers for that to be the case!

I am not one to bite my tongue! Let me at him!!!!

Blogger Phoenixboi said...
It pretty much sucks how people feel they can have power over others. You do your work, there shouldnt be any problem with you using the net.
But hey Assholes will always be assholes.
Sorry to hear this, but Im sure youll be ok.

Blogger dave in cleveland said...
get your resume together, start looking and get out....i am part of management in my co and this guy would never to be a team effort in other than that, if you wanna move to cleveland, i am looking for assistant......later dude..have a great day.......:)

Blogger Ryan said...
i am so glad i work 4 my mom. hope things get better 4 ya!

Blogger Polt said...
Just a thought, i just had sexual harrassment training and it sounds like your boss is creating a "hostile work enviornment". That flirting deal, tsk tsk, not a good thing. Even if he's not flirting with you, ifyou're offended by his flirting, then it CAN be a formal issue.

I'd say start a log of all the things he does that pisses you off: dates, times, persons involved, what happened. ANd then,once you've got a nice little list, take it to your human resourse dept, ifyou've got one.

Just a suggestion, as a way to get back at the bastard.

YOu still might want to update the resume and get it out there anyway.

Best of luck.

Luv ya!

Anonymous Wes said...
Hey sweetie....I'm with Brad. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY gives Persian Guy a hard way to go for no reason. Jim, definitely get the ole resume' together, you deserve so much better. In the meantime, just keep your head held high, and keep on being the awesome Persian Guy you are. Hope today is better for you!

Blogger Kevin said...
That sucks. Don't you hate that shit? Ugh. Hang in there.

You could always look for a new job in Orlando. :)

Blogger vuboq said...
gah! I used to work for a guy who would yell at us all the time. Very unpleasant, and it makes me wonder what makes them think that that is actually an effective motivational strategy?

Definitely, polish up that resume and find a new, better job. I'm trying to do the same!!!


Blogger PJS said...
Wow, this guy sounds like a total throwback... like if you wrote him as a character in a book people would say, "come on, nobody's like THAT anymore".

I'd make sure nobody at work knows your blog URL though, especially since you've mentioned it on here, I've heard of that alone causing trouble for people (even if the blogging's not done on company time/premises).

Good luck...

Blogger Jim said...
What an ass. He doesn't deserve to have someone of your caliber working for him and you don't deserve to have to work for such a jerk. Life is too short.

Blogger BriteYellowGun said...
I've never had a boss that awful thankfully. In fact, most of my bosses have been pretty cool and really liked me...some of them even liked me when I didn't care for them all that much. And then there's my current boss who is always ready to hug and kiss me. Yes, I've lucked out in the boss department.

Blogger Ariel1980 said...
I'm glad you posted that link, now I've got some new (for me) music to listen to. I'm glad that my boss is not so bad as that!.

Anonymous Brian said...
Is there any way for you to place a response to the "warning" in your file? How was internet use recorded or monitored? What is average internet usage company wide? Why does company provide internet access if it's not needed to do business? Just wondering.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ack! You're right, there's only so much bullshit anyone should have to take. It's a shame you having to deal with crap like that.

Bosses like that never realize that they themselves are often the cause of everyone else's failures.

Blogger Hanuman1960 said...
Get out of there man!

I'm sure that someone with your background would not have any trouble finding a similar position in this area! :)

Blogger Nick said...
You need to start documenting everything that is going on and then get a lawyer. Ive said it before, sue their asses for discrimination, and you wont have to work anymore!

Or, I can just slash his tires and pour sugar in his gas tank.


Anonymous MariAnne said...
You're not weak; you're just caught off guard by such neanderthal-type behavior from a supervisor. People like that can render you speechless. Someday, you'll find yourself giving as good as you get. That clown has no business being in charge of anyone.
Get moving on your escape from there. (I found you on Sangroncito's blog. You, also, have a very interesting family history. You sound like a very caring father.)

I knew a guy who left a dead mule on his bosses doorstep. After that he put dead fish inside his hubcaps. Try those and see how they work. Let me know.

Blogger Michael said...
Wish i could fly out there right now, cause if I could I'd tell ya to put on some good music and whip ya up a dinner to make you forget all this shite.

I'm sorry that you have to put up with that. No one should. I had something somewhat similiar but with a coworker who was the manager at the time.

Hopefully I can get ya tonight and check up on ya.

HUGS to ya buddy. Hang in there. I know that good stuff is around the corner somewhere.

Blogger Sangroncito said...
It is definately time to move on! You are a bright guy, not to mention nice, and there IS a better job for you out there.
As for your boss from hell, I hope you give him a taste of his own medicine as you let the door hit him in the face as you walk out the door for something bigger and better.

Blogger Brad said...
Wow Jim, did you know you are related I guess to Anderson Cooper? I discovered that by just reading Sangroncito's latest post!

Blogger The Persian said...
scotty: Now just to find the right Resume building program!

brad: LOL He needs to be told off once and for all.

brian: The HR manager is even worse, but I suppose properly armed I could make a case he couldn't ignore.

firtz: Idiot?? lol I plan on getting out of there asap.

daniel: tech support for aol? Yikes that sounds like a nightmare.

miz: He gets along with few people, so I am not alone. Awesome that you have started teaching again! :)

cesco: I'll be fine and yea he is the biggest asshole I've ever had to work for.

ryan: I could never work for my mother, she would drive me insane!

Polt: I've thought of doing that but decided why bother, getting out would be so much easier.

wes: Nice to see you post comments buddy :)Thanks for the support!

six: Yea I hate that shit, I'm trying to hang in there long enough to get out without killing him.

vuboq: I wonder all the time how he thinks insulting and belittling people does anything but cause a negative work enviornment. He is just a mean person from what I can tell, he is equally cruel to his family.

Parley: Let the prick read this, he might learn something. Thanks!

Jim: Life is too short, he is just one evil bitter person.

ariel: I hope you like Bright Eyes!

Brian: Yup we need it to conduct certain business transactions and the entire company "abuses" this privledge on a regular basis. I was just the lucky "example" to scare the rest.

Atari: You hit the nail on the head, he probably doesn't even realize the shit he causes.

hanuman: Well I like to think that's true, the job market can be a scary place when you have important financial commitments.

nick: Go for it, I'll give you the make and plate number of his car hehe

marianne: He can render people speechless, but of late I have been giving it back to him. Hmm.. maybe that's what this is all about. Thank you for the sweet compliments!

Daniel: LOL a fish inside his hubcaps? How creative is THAT!

michael: Sounds incredible, may I take a rain check? Hugs back at ya buddy!

sangroncito: I'd like to do more than slam a door in his face on my last day but then again I would probably end up in jail. He's not worth it in any case.

Brad: Yes of course I knew, there was a post about Gloria I made in April, and was unfortunatel lost in the deletion. Google Cache doesn't turn it up either.

Blogger barefoot_mistress said...
I'll tell ya PG, that's exactly why Susies the boss...I cannot deal with people telling me what to do......

Maybe you oughta start your own business too! :)

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