Sunday, May 07, 2006
Wonder if this works..

(CNN) -- Still vigorous at 100 years of age, Edward Rondthaler writes a weekly column for his local newspaper, walks a half-mile every morning and drives himself on errands around his hometown of Croton-on-Hudson, New York.

his secret?

Rondthaler credits his long and healthy life to clean living, good genes, and regular cold showers.

"When my brother in 1918 came home from the army, he said, 'Ed, whenever you take a hot shower, end it with an ice cold one and count to 100.' Ever since, Rondthaler has finished his morning shower with a long blast of cold water, which he thinks plays at least a small role in keeping him going.

So this is kind of like self-induced partial cyrogenetics? I mean can you imagine standing there counting to 100 while ice cold water sprays down on you? Yikes.... I remember when my furnace died at the old house and I had no choice but to endure a cold shower.. it wasn't pretty.
Actually the most important part of this article (which didn't merely focus on Icy Ed) was the relationship between stress and longevity. Like this statement...
One feature common to most centenarians is that stress doesn't bother them. "They seem to be able to shed stress. It doesn't get to them and cause them to age more quickly. They don't internalize stuff."
So I started to think about some of the older people I know and have known and it's actually true to a certain degree. My gram never really worries about anything, well not for long anyway, and she never has. Her attitude is very laid back and carefree. My Great-Grandmother who lived well into her 90's was pretty much out of her mind by the time I knew her so I guess an accurate example can't be made (at least from my perspective) but from what I've been told she was very much the same in her younger days. I find it incredibly interesting, yet at the same time (being a super stressed person most of the time) am wondering if this will impact my life span in the end. Food for thought anyway.. take it easy, don't worry too much and make sure you eat a balanced diet, exercise and minimize the use of tobacco and alcohol (easier said than done I suppose). I'm not so sure I really want to be 100 anyway, even with a sharp mind .. but if the day should ever near, I'm sure I won't exactly be complaining.
Well we didn't see either film yesterday, my older son just came back from a trip to DC and my Aunt (who went with him as a chaperone) gave me her video camera to get the clips and pictures off and onto a cd. It took me a couple hours to do, because there were software glitches with the PC and in the end we didn't have time to catch the movie. They chose The Benchwarmers in any case (which I am very happy about) and as it is in its final theatre days, we were hard pressed to find convenient showtimes. I located a 2:20 at the Eastfield Mall today and that is our game plan after lunch and our walk. It's another beautiful day out, no need to stay indoors!
Laters :)
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Anonymous Thom said...
Well, if taking cold showers is a key to longevity, I'd better just resign myself to not reaching 100. I hate hate hate standing under cold water - the hotter, the better. Hope you and your sons are having a great Sunday!

Blogger Nick said...
I bet he took cold showers for some other reason and one day said hey, im 100, must be the cold water! hehe

Even with a few wrinkles, Brooke is fabulous. And I wonder if it matters who you shower with. It might be really interesting to try taking a cold shower with a really hot friend.
(Insert pensive, thoughtful moment, followed by wistful sigh)


Blogger Kalvin said...
There is no way I would do this crazy 100 second thing. I have trouble enough with my morning routine. I would never get out of bed if I thought, okay, so I have to take a shower and at the end I'll stand there for 100 seconds in ice cold water. At this point, the covers would jsut be pulled over my head.

Blogger potusol said...
There's actually some validity to the whole hot/cold shower thing. Hot and cold water baths are used as hydrotherapy to improve circulation in the extremities. Hot water makes blood rush to the surface of your skin. Cold water makes the blood go towards your core. The dilation and constriction of your blood vessels helps circulation. Good circulation = good health usually so there you go. ; )

Blogger Brad said...
Brooke is about the same age as me I think. I remember going to Blue Lagoon as a young pup with a bud of mine and was just wearing gym shorts with no underwear. Got a boner from hell in the theatre while watching the movie and he gave me shit about it THINKING it was due to Brooke in the nude ocean swim scene, when actually it was due to seeing here co-star. God he was beautiful! LOL!!!
As for cold showers? Good God. At 100 and taking a cold shower he probably needs a plunger to pull his dick back out of his body to take a piss at that age after standing under cold water!
As for stress? I used to be a pussy from hell up until I graduated high school and REALIZED finally that I was and then I became a hot headed little fuck from hell. Look at me wrong and I was in your face. I was Program Director for a few radio stations and in my early 20s and having guys in their 40s that thought they were Gods gift to entertainment working for me and it was REALLY stressful. That is when I developed ulcers. Let me tell you there is nothing quite as exquiste as the pain of ulcers. After a couple years of that shit I learned how to "mellow out." My basic outlook on life now is, "Don't sweat the little shit...and it's ALL little shit."

Blogger Jim said...
The biochemistry of stress is terrifying, the many ways it can short circuit otherwise functional systems in your body. Whatever you can do to minimize that is probably going to help you in the end!

Blogger VeryApeAZ said...
I'm learning not to internalize. It's very liberating. I wonder if I'll make it that long. If so, will I be as active?

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