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Titanic & Tori Tuesday...

I have had a sort of fascination with Titanic for as long as I can recall. I remember my father buying a detailed book for me with many photographs as a gift when I was about 10. Since that time my love and appreciation for History has cemented and cultivated the interest in both it's passengers and details surrounding that fateful night, April 14th, 1912. Many of the survivors have passed away in my lifetime and it became of special interest to me about 5 years ago when I discovered the oldest living survivor, the woman who was certainly the last to actually remember the great tragedy, lived less than an hour away from me.
That was Lillian G. Asplund, born October 21st 1906 Worcester, Massachusetts, she was 5 years old on Titanic's maiden voyage. Her family had returned to Sweden in 1907 to settle the estate of her grandfather and there they remained until 1912, when her father Carl, booked passage on Titanic as he had recently found promising employment in Worcester, Massachusetts. Only Lillian, her mother, and brother Felix would survive the sinking.
One of her most horrific memories which Lillian spoke of in a very rare interview was being passed by her father through a window (later discovered to be the First Class Promenade Deck) into a lifeboat while holding her twin brother in his arms. Standing beside him on ship were two other brothers, all four lost their lives. I realize Lillian's death has been all over the news the past few days, but I wanted to make an acknowledgement here, as she truly was a courageous woman, caring for her mother and brother until their deaths, never having the time or opportunity to be wed or start a family. She was bright and sharp nearly to the end, and incredibly reserved, refusing to discuss the event with anyone apart from two people who happened to catch the sad lonely old woman on a day in which she cared to share her story. Rest in peace Lillian, you are with your family once again.

Lillian Gertrud Asplund



Tori Tuesday #2


I guess of all Tori's albums, I have bonded most with Pele (Boys for Pele, 1996). It was the latest out when I discovered her in the summer of 1997. My first listens were actually not (in natural form) from the album and rather 1st a dance mix of Professional Widow by Armand Van Helden, and then soon after the rather interesting (and my absolute favorite) version off of her Hey Jupiter EP entitled the "Merry Widow Version". While some of you may have heard the former, I will spare linking Merry Widow as it well, is a hard listen if you are not a Tori fanatic (and even then, many in that group detest it).

My most recent Ex (of 2) and I would have Pele on repeat random most of the time when we were listening to Tori, and for the first couple years of our relationship it was playing on random repeat while we slept (he liked to sleep to music, which was a new thing for me but I soon became addicted to it). We also had one particular track we would play if we were drinking, and I can't hear it now without instantly thinking of the old Vodka/Pepsi days. Since today is day 80 of my sobriety.. here is that song:

Caught a lite sneeze

caught a lite sneeze
caught a lite breeze
caught a lightweight lightningseed
boys on my left side
boys on my right side
boys in the middle
and you're not here
i need a big loan
from the girl zone

tumbling down
didn't know our love was so small
couldn't stand at all
mr. st. john just bring your son

the spire is hot
and my cells can't feed
and you still got that belle
dragging your foots
i'm hiding it well sister ernestine
but i still got that belle
dragging my foots

right on time you get closer
and closer
called my name
but there's no way in
use that fame
rent your wife and kids today
maybe she will
maybe she will caught a lite sneeze
dreamed a little dream
made my own pretty hate machine
boys on my left side

boys on my right side
boys in the middle
and you're not here
boys in their dresses
and you're not here
i need a big loan
from the girl zone

and here is an amazing video of her performance of the song on Saturday Night Live, January 20th, 1996. I've uploaded it to my server, click on the photo to play, or right click to save.

(Tori Amos, Caught a lite sneeze, Saturday Night Live 1/20/1996)


A very special thank you to Audrey over at Hereinmyhead for the lyrics, and screen captures from the Caught a lite Sneeze music video photo at the top of this post.


Laters :)

S80 C12 152

Hi James,
I remember once after a breakup that was particularly brutal, I stayed drunk for one full month.And not just half drunk, seriously drunk. That was about ten years ago. I've learned since then. Warmest, heartfelt congratulations to you on your ongoing achievement.
Oh, and I'm almost up to four miles. Actually, I just did 3.7 miles.
beautiful post.
g'night friend,

Blogger T. Johnston said...
Great post.. Love that song!

Blogger Hanuman1960 said...
Regarding the Titanic, I assume that you know that there is a Titanic Society chapter in Indian Orchard? I believe that they have a website...

Blogger Kalvin said...
I used to love to fall asleep to music too. Now whenever I hear those songs, I start to fall asleep. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Oh, and vodka and pepsi? I won't deny that I've tried it. Nice thoughts on a beautiful life.

Blogger Nick said...
Interesting post. The sinking of Titanic was very sad. Lillians story is just one of many tragedys that happended.

Oh Yeah, Love the new banner and format :)

Blogger gloria jean said...
I also have a Titanic and a Tori fetish. I heard about the passing of Lillian Asplund. Stopped me in my tracks for a second. As for Tori.. Pele is also one of my favorites; just takes me places but if they took away all of my CD's and I could only keep one I think that I would keep Little Earthquakes. China does a number on me everytime that I hear it. Even after all of these years.

Blogger madamerouge said...
China decorates our table
Funny how the cracks don't seem to show

Me too.

Blogger barefoot_mistress said...
What a rockin Tori post, PG! I am so stoked to have three Tori things happening on Tuesdays now! THanks for covering my ass, baby, while I observe blogger rebel week!

Anonymous duane said...
funny thing is, I don't even like Tori Amos (I know, I know), but every time I think about her, I think about that song. It is memorable!

Blogger VeryApeAZ said...
I'm downloading the video. I look forward to seeing it, but I'm on a Mac so you never know. =-P

I too was a Titanic buff as a kid. I use to look at picture books and try to imagine what it was like. I was so psyched when they found her final resting place.

Blogger Will said...
Walter Lord's "A Night to Remember" was one of the first books I owned as a kid. It's obsolete now since the ship has been located and the fact that it broke apart while still partially on the surface has been proven, but it's vivid description captured me completely.

Fritz and I were in Nova Scotia on vacation several years ago and we visited the cemetery where many of those who froze to death in the water that night are buried. Lovely tributes to them by the citizens of Halifax who didn't know them but who took very good care that they be memorialized with dignity and affection.

Blogger Derek said...
wow, funny, my ex I I did the same thing, he was in the music industry and he would get free tickets all the time, when we first met, he knew how much I loved her and surprised me with tickets. It was one of the best concerts I've ever been too. Except the next one I went too see her. She brings back memories for me as well.

Blogger DanNation said...
I, too, had a huge fascination with the Titanic. I built a large model of the ship when I was 11 and proceeded to sink it in our swimming pool where it still rests today. Apparently, it was discovered by a wayward dog many years later.

Blogger Michael said...
Ya know, there is one Tori song I still don't know if I can listen to again. It was sort of "his and my" song. It's her version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow and it's just absolutely gorgeous but I know it would take me back to a rather fateful time in my life.

Hugs to ya m'friend. I'll talk to you soon!

Blogger . said...
I have never heard a single song by Tori *hangs head in shame*, however you are sparking my interest.

As for the Titanic. I was always fascinated by the Titanic also. Not really sure why...I guess the tragedy and sadness attracted me for whatever strange reason. I just always have found stories of others (good or bad) to be quite fascinating...hmmmm...I think that is my attraction to reading so many blogs. I typically am drawn to the personal ones.

Hi PG, just checking in to see if you put the Wed post up on Tues night. I'm listening to Tori Amos tonight, Tales of a Librarian cd. She has a fire to her, she does.

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