Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Laundry issues & Tori Tuesday
One would think the laundry room located two floors below me here at Condo-land (not pictured above) would be relatively quiet at 12AM on a Monday evening. Imagine my surprise when I trudged down, baskets in hand, only to discover 3 of the 4 machines were in use, either actively or serving as storage bins for freshly cleaned undies and socks. So here was my chance, I stuffed the whole basket (barely) into the empty unit, inserted the "Landro-card" which we are forced to use here, and whammo... it sucked a double fee out of the $10.00 I had to put on the card last week. So this was going to cost me $3.00 instead of $1.50. Yet again I am robbed by the giant metal box as it smiles back at me in triumph. I give it a kick and spout out something very appropriate to let it know just how pissed I am. Pouring in detergent and starting the cycle I return upstairs feeling completely violated.

Once upstairs I proceeded to catch up on some dishes, clean the kitchen a bit, grab a drink and hit the pc to catch up on some of my blogger friends. I guess time escaped me and I didn't make it back down there for about 45 minutes (10 minutes longer than the cycle evidently). So..empty basket in hand, I run down ONLY to discover all four units are now going and my wet clothes are piled in a heap ON THE FREEKING FLOOR. Ugh.. the excitement of Condo living, I so miss my own Washer/Dryer back at the old house. That will teach me to let it go until I absolutely have no underwear or Tshirts left. Is there some kind of small portable unit you can use in your Apartment/Condo secretly ?? Anyone know? I have sooo had it with community Laundromats, and well doing it at my mother's or gram's just is an incredible pain.
Oh well, it's my Humpday today, since I'm working Sun-Thursday. It's great to be at the midpoint, these hours are killing me. I cannot believe the difference in the people who work 2nd and 3rd shift at my place of employment vrs. the day crew (who are quite the interesting lot themselves). I guess night shifts lend themselves to some pretty interesting people by and large. Either they are young and spaced out or middle aged and incapable of turning on a PC without my complete assistance. I guess you get what you pay for, and well we aren't paying so much. Everytime I have to go into the warehouse to resolve a problem, they all stand there like wide eyed yokels gawking at the new Mayor in town. Then they hover all over me while I try to get something done and make it impossible to concentrate. Ok..only two more days and it's over. *sigh*
I've been sleeping too much, I feel like a walking zombie and haven't been able to run yet this week. I wonder what people who work these hours do with their lives, because at present I have no life. Moving right along.....


Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanoff
I am not going to stray into many details of the short and tragic life of this young woman, should it interest you, click here. Essentially she was the fourth child, and youngest daughter of the ill fated Czar Nicholas II of Russia. She and her family met their untimely end at the hands of Revolutionists in the cellar of a home which had become their prison at Yekaterinburg Russia on July 17, 1918. The family was massacred by firing squad, then later dismembered and buried secretly, the location of which was only discovered in 1991. Rumors have floated around over the decades that Anastasia had somehow survived the ordeal in the person of a woman named Anna, identified more accurately after her death as a mentally ill peasant named Franziska Schanzkowska. MTDNA Testing (thanks to donations made by Prince Phillip of England, who shared a common ancestry with Anastasia and her siblings) has proven this without reasonable doubt. See my post on this fascinating scientific study here.
This was all groundbreaking news in 1993 when a young singer-song writer from Baltimore, Maryland named Tori Amos would have been working on the completion of her 2nd solo album entitled Under The Pink , which was released in February of 1994. I submit an interview she gave, in typical zany Tori style from April of that year when asked about the incredibly beautiful piano ballad which served as it's last track and entitled "Yes Anastasia".
Tori on "Yes Anastasia"

"It's a journey. Anastasia Romanoff... it's not like I've read loads of books on her. I was aware of the family and that's about it. So I'm in Virginia, and I had crabs...I keep saying that! I had crab sickness, I had eaten bad crabs in Maryland! But I couldn't cancel the show. I was at soundcheck, and needless to say, when you are very, very ill, it is easier to communicate with your source... you are fragile and vulnerable. Well, her presence came. Now I have only heard of her in history, I've got no point to make. She comes and goes 'you've got to write my tune.' I 'go ohhh, now's not really a good time.' She says 'no, you've got to understand something from this, there's something here that you've got to come to terms with.' And that night came," as she softly sings the line "'We'll see how brave you are,' and that was really about the whole record. That came just about before everything. And whenever I sing that chorus, 'we'll see how brave you are,' it means so many different things to me. It's part of my self, my spirit self saying to the rest of myself, 'if you really want a challenge, just deal with yourself. The funny thing is that Anna Anderson, who claimed to be Anastasia, died very close to where I was playing, an hour or so from there in the 80s. The feeling I got that Anna Anderson was Anastasia Romanov. She always tried to prove it and a lot of people believed her and some people didn't want to believe her, because of what that would have meant. And again, it's really working through being a victim. 'Counting the tears from ten thousand men, and gathered them all, but my feel are slipping.' You can't blame the men anymore; there's always you. It comes back to us; it comes back to me."


Yes Anastasia

(click above to play, right click to save)


I know what you want the magpies have come
if you know me so well then tell me which hand i use

make them go
make it go

saw her there in a restaurant
poppy don't go
i know your mother is a good one
but poppy don't go
i'll take you home
show me the things i've been missin
show me the ways i forgot to be speaking
show me the ways to get back to the garden
show me the ways to get around the get around
show me the ways to button up buttons
that have forgotten they're buttons
well we can't have that
forgetting that

girls girls what have we done to ourselves
driving on the vine
over clothes lines
but officer i saw the sign
thought i'd been through this in 1919
counting the tears of ten thousand men
and gathered them all
but my feet are slipping
there's something we left on the windowsill
there's something we left yes

we'll see how brave you are
we'll see how fast you'll be running
we'll see how brave you are
yes, Anastasia
and all your dollies have friends

thought she deserved no less than she'd give
well happy birthday
her blood's on my hands
it's kind of a shame cause i did like that dress
it's funny the things that you find in the rain
the things that you find
in the mall and in the date mines
in the knots still in her hair
on the bus i'm on my way down
all the girls seem to be there

come along now little darlin'
come along now with me
come along now little darlin'
we'll see how brave you are

(Much thanks to Audrey over at Hereinmyhead.com for the interview and lyrics)


Laters :)

S3 C12 149

Blogger Kevin said...
Ugh. I hate not having my own W/D. I couldn't imagine going back to that (although I may have to). I will fight it tooth and nail if need be.

Blogger Polt said...
Ugh, laundry. i hate laundry. We've got 5 apartments in this building and one washer and dryer in the basement. I don't bother with it, I just take my stuff to my parents' house, use thiers, and give them a fiver or so for the water and electricity. Rather give them the money than some money grubbing landlord anyway.


Blogger Jim said...
You've got to be kidding. Who dumps someones laundry on the floor? Sheesh.

I have stackable units in a closet in my condo. Mine are hardwired but I wonder if they have ones that connect (disconnect) easily.

Blogger Hanuman1960 said...
That sucks about your doing laundry!

People can be so inconsiderate!

Hang in there! You'll be back among the "normal" people again soon enough!! :)

Blogger PJS said...
I'd still be curious to know how the fake Anastasia knew all those details so well that she was able to fool family members! This is probably reported somewhere, but I never saw it. Do you know, Jimmy Ray?

Blogger BriteYellowGun said...
I used to love working second shift because all the workplace nazis had left for the day and you were surrounded by the..err.."colorful people" that couldn't function during daylight hours. It made things interesting and there was a lot more goofing around. But like you said, it got to a point where I had no life at all and I started to hate that shift.

As for that secret washing machine in your unit? It's called a bathtub! Great workout for the back and arms.

Blogger Jim said...
I think I would have had to beat the snot out of the idiot who threw clean clothes onto the dirty floor. What a moron.
You can now buy "combo" washer/dryer that automatically goes to dry cycle after the wash is complete. Ventless and has adaptability to connect to your sink faucet. I'll send you a link via email.

Blogger madamerouge said...
Check the condo regulations to make sure you're allowed to have one in your unit. (There I go again, being a rule-following Canadian.) The main concern would be that the drain stack can handle a washer's effluent.

I always believed Anna Anderson was Princess Anastasia. Reading that Tori also believes it cements my opinion.

Blogger CyberWarlock said...
I despise the laundry fascilities in my building. I drive down to a laundrymat a few miles away from my place on Sunday mornings. They have big industrial machines which only cost $1 to use, as well as a cafe, wireless internet access and it is always very clean. I would like to have my own machines, but since that isn't possible in my apartment, I will stick with the place I go to for now.

I actually have never paid that close attention to the lyrics of Yes Anastasia. I mean, I can sing along. I know what they are, but it's the music of that song that gets to me. I love the arrangement; the highs and lows, the way the orchestra comes in. It's a brilliant piece, regardless of how it came to be. :)

Blogger Sandouri Dean Bey said...
removing someone else's laundry and putting it on the floor is beyond rude. it embodies exactly the lack of courtesy and sensitivity that is at the heart of america. we shit on people. that's what we do. sorry, buddy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Man, I group up with a building laundry room till I was 18. I was used to having laundry taken out of the machines and put POLITELY on one of the tables in the room - never on the floor. That's nerve!

Blogger Kevin said...
Oh, and btw ... it's a date (as soon as we are in the same town).

Blogger Kalvin said...
I feel braver already. I think it's so interesting to think about these concepts of "who is the real one" just because it adds new dimension to our whole perception of things.

you can get portable washing machines now that fit snugly in a corner. If I were in an apt. I would definitely get one.
Also, I've often wondered if that poor deranged peasant girl wasn't in her own way every bit as remarkable as the Grand duchess Anastasia.

Blogger Sangroncito said...
Of all the things I bought in Brazil this past year, the washing machine was the best purchase. It made a huge difference....no washing by hand, no expensive laundry bills, and I let friends and neighbors use it, too. Washing machines are the greatest!

Blogger vuboq said...
folding warm laundry is one of my favorite things to do.

so relaxing.

Blogger Nick said...
and you thought the maytag repairman didnt have anything to fix.

Blogger Doghigh said...
You totally just described one of my top ten pet peeves...people in a community laundry who take your wet laundry out and leave it in a heap somewhere.

I once caught someone here doing that and almost lost my shit before quietly demanding to know why they were handling my wet underwear. They were sufficiently embarassed and apologetic and I felt better (but I still rewashed my clothes...).

Blogger Brad said...
I hate doing laundry and I really hate getting ripped off by MACHINES! In answer to your question about one of your own. There are a ton of washer/dryer combos (both in a single small unite) made especially for apartments and condos. Hooks up to your sink for the washer and the dryer is self venting. Here is just an example- http://www.ajmadison.com/cgi-bin/ajmadison/XQG5011.html

Blogger DanNation said...

This may work for your mini washing machine...

Blogger NeiLDC said...
I really hate doing laundry, i remember doing hand wash before when i was a kid... id rather iron clothes...

Blogger . said...
I have always had my own W/D. Once our dryer quit working so we hit the public Laudromat until we could get it fixed. What an interesting eclectic group of people. Most of them are open 24 hours here and I always went at night because around here, if you go to the Laudromat, you are pretty much at the bottom of the economic chain.

As for the hours, these past 5 days, I have actually felt like a real person again. After doing the 3rd shift for 2 and a half years now, I still have trouble adjusting. I can't even imagine doing it once in a while like you do, I think that owould be worse!

Blogger barefoot_mistress said...
I have nver had my own washer and dryer...and I hate the laundromat, but hey, what are ya gonna do?

PG, I live Yes Anastasia...it's been stuck in my head for weeks now...
We'll seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
we'll see how brave you are...
Oh yeah...we'll see how fast you'll be runningggggg....

PG I am proud to announce a major upset in the Tori contest....there has been a bit of foul play and toying with the quiz, and the perpetrator has been arrested.
However, I the new winner has yet to be identified. I'll get back to you!

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
Trust me when I tell that people who work 3rd shift on a regular basis have no lives and are often bitter and depressed.

I'm just sayin'.

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