Saturday, May 06, 2006
The choices are...
- and -

I'm partial to anything with Jon Heder (he cracks me up to no end) but the final decision (as always) will be theirs. Each film has its good and bad points, and well, I can't decide. We talked about it last week (and chose Scary Movie 4 instead, which sucked in every way possible). Anyway..I overslept, this is it for now, more later (hopefully).


Ok My rant of the day... this realy aggrivates me


WHY oh why is it every time I go to the Deli (Saturday's usually) and order a pound of Turkey Breast does the old lady behind the counter assume I mean to have it sliced into a pile of fused together slop. I remember my mother as a kid always telling the deli attendant (and me if I should be running the errand) to make sure it is THINLY SLICED. Well today I said nothing about the thickness to her, I merely said that I wanted a pound of BB Turkey Breast (on sale evidently by the sign) the choice of thickness was hers. what I ended up with was THIS??

Please someone enlighten me as to what I am supposed to do with this heap of poultry meat? Just reach in grab a glob and smush it into my wrap? I mean I just spent $6.00 on a pound of this stuff and I open the bag clueless as to how I get it out. You can't possibly seperate one "slice" from the other without it breaking off and staying close to the mush from wence it came. What is wrong with people (and my mother) that they would insist on having deli meats cut to this transparent thickness?

Anyone know?

Ok I feel better now,


But still, must remember to say something first next time.


Laters :)

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Blogger Hanuman1960 said...
Neither would be my first choice, but have fun! :)

Blogger potusol said...
I hate it when deli meat is sliced into oblivion. I think people do it because it gives you the illusion of more. Have fun with the boys : )

Oversliced, mushy, poultry meat. yum... And losing the texture loses the taste, or so it seems.
Sometimes you just have to let loose with a good rant. Nothing else will do.
PS-There's sort of a stealth eroticism in discussing cuts of deli meats, in a bizaare and awful way. Lurking just below the surface, as it were. Or maybe I'm just in a state today. I can't believe I said that....

Blogger Wenchy said...

Blogger Michael said...
Oo...go see Silent Hill! If you've played the videogame you'll maybe have more appreciation for it but still..I thought they did a great job and it was nice and wierd and creepy.

Thin slices are fine....pieces of tissue paper slices drive me crazy! If I'm buyin meat, I want to be able to take a big o' chunk of it out in one bite ya know? Feh on thinly sliced! (unless it's onions on the sandwich hehe)

Blogger Kalvin said...
You could go see silent hill, and then attach the meat with some adhesive to your skin and pretend you're a leper. I think then you could go out and ask people for money, and shed flakes of turkey all over the place. Mmmm....leprosy...

Blogger Nick said...
You need to request how thick or thin you want it sliced, if you dont, who knows what your gonna get. At Stop N Shop, they have a chart with numbers on it and each shows the thickness of the meat or cheese your buying. Also, why dont you ask before the attendant slices to see the first slice, if you request something thicker, they will show you the first slice and ask if its ok.

Blogger Brad said...
All this talk of meat *fanning self*

Blogger Miz BoheMia said...
Oh no! That does look awful! Although forgive me... vegetarian here so I have no advice to give... just popping in for a hello and boho kisses! Have a great weekend my friend!

Blogger Jim said...
Now I really glad I'm a vegetarian, LOL

Blogger Michael said...
I used to work at a deli and we always sliced the first piece then showed it to the customer to make sure that was the thickness they would like.

Sounds like they need to learn proper deli etiquette. LOL

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