Monday, April 17, 2006
tomorrow is the big day (I'm such a baby). I am set to go to the oral surgeon place to have one of my wisdom teeth extracted. From what the dentist said it's pretty strong, and apart from my grinding issue in the past (which has caused it's filling to fall out and the its size to decrease considerably) the tooth is in decent shape. I haven't had a tooth pulled since I was 9 and needed to make room for braces so I don't remember how much of an ordeal it is. People at work have been trying to scare me, saying I am going to be in a lot of pain and my face will swell up. So If this is true and I am medicated, I may not feel so much like posting tomorrow. Oh well, like I said I'm a big baby. and speaking of posting........
yup, tis my 300th post.. for what it's worth anyway.
Easter went off without a hitch, my brother-in-law (as usual) said nothing to me other than a grunt as I wished him a Happy Easter. He was drinking Beer already when I got there (at 11:30) and continued throughout the day. The main course was a spiral Ham (which was beautiful at the very least, and I am not a big fan of this stuff) and my sister did a great job. I had to get the kids back to their mother by 3:30 so I never saw my cheesecake's reaction first hand, but a call from my mother remedied that. Evidently it was a complete hit, and devoured quickly. Now when Mom pays my baking a compliment (she is a borderline gourmet) I knew it came out well.
"Not only was the presentation amazing (the fruit filling contrasted with the outer shell), but it was the most incredibly decadent cheesecake I've ever eaten"
Needless to say there was nothing left. I had made some changes with this last one, adding an additional package of cream cheese and a bit more sugar and I see now this worked well.
so yesterday after dropping the kids off I went back to the old house (because I have become really irritated with dodging the old ladies walking dogs and the kids on roller blades at my local walking path) to change and power walk my old 4 miler. It was a killa. After that I came back home, took a shower, made some tea and got online for a while (Gcom specifically). After dodging adbots and offers I wasn't interested in, I got into a conversation with this very interesting guy who just moved back here to Massachusetts from California.
look at those eyes... So he's really into the outdoors, hiking, camping, water skiing, and maybe it's been a while since I've done any of those things, but still... we talked for about an hour before I needed to go and do some stuff around the house before bed. The convo went really well, and it's pretty refreshing to actually have a conversation as opposed to a suggestive Instant message resulting in me hitting the little ignore link. We are going to meet possibly soon and check out this interesting club in Northampton called Divas. I haven't been in a couple years but they have an amazing DJ and huge dancefloor, so it should be fun.
This is the first time in forever I've finished the post without having to stress about being late, guess I got enough sleep and woke up on time for once. Hope everyone has a stress-less Monday and it passes quickly.
Laters :)
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