Thursday, April 27, 2006
Thank you everyone..
I just wanted to thank you all again for the incredible comments yesterday detailing your relationships (or lack of with notes) with your grandmothers. They were so beautiful and reading those testimonials really touched my heart. That's part of why I went in that direction with the post, it's not every day we can express the love and memories of those no longer with us and as well look forward too with anticipation those with which we still have yet to enjoy.

Today was a lot of catching up at work, having been out yesterday because of the shift change I had to endure Sunday and Monday night. I was busy as hell and it went quickly. I got home and chatted up a few friends before taking off for my walk. I've mentioned before that my newfound method is to walk to Podcasts, and it works well because the average cast is about 35-40 minutes (or more in some cases) and that's just about how long it takes me to do the 4 miles. Tonight was 37 minutes or something give or take and I listened to Adam's Krebcast #29. I just realized tonight I am behind one (and let's not start that I am coming in rather late, having only heard #28 previously). I love listening to him ramble on and on about what he feels passionately about. This particular cast he devoted to (among other things) a discussion over certain words which have been used historically to degrade certain groups of people. For example Fag or Faggot to cast homosexual men in a bad light, and he discussed an argument which arose between two casters, Adam Carolla and Madge Weinstein over the use of this word in one of AC's recent casts. He made numerous important points on this issue and it was a thoroughly enlightening listen. Half way through however...

I noticed a car speeding up at an intense rate, then slowing down beside me and this youngish guy (no older than 22) honks his horn and waves with a smile. SO I am thinking to myself, well he has mistaken me for someone he knows. Nope...about 5 minutes later the same car comes back speeding past me and then turns around in a parking lot nearby. The driver then proceeds to come back towards me slowly, finally meeting my pace (I am on foot of course so that isn't really much of a pace at all) and pulls up right next to me. Now he's leaning over and staring, with this really bizarre smile on his face. Make no mistake I have no idea who this kid is or what his problem is but he was starting to freak me out. He kept it up for what seemed like an eternity. So I started fiddling with my Ipod and maxed the volume, faced forward and started jogging/running. At this point he floored it and disappeared.
(Guy gone..continuing on with the podcast I was listening to..)

I think by that time Adam was talking about a retreat he took in school to teach a select group of students a lesson on racism and the polorization of individual groups by "whites" in order to perpetuate certain discriminatory practices. In any case it was quite interesting and I continued onward with the walk.
So I got home and it was freezing in the Condo. The heat here (Gas) is included in my monthly Condo Fee and well it seems the Association must have the ability to cap how high we turn up our heat individually. I had put it up to 75 when I left (it is a cold night out tonight) and when I got home I was lucky if it was 65 in here. I took a hot shower, put on a pair of Flannel Gap Pajamas (I don't usually wear these things but they were a gift from my ex and I was COLD) and then sat down to figure out what I was doing for HNT. I needed a glass of water and passing my great grandmother's old rocking chair..
Laters :)
S68 C12 150

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