Wednesday, April 26, 2006
A special Way Back Wednesday...

My Grandmothers

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I was on 2nd shift the last two nights. I always have issues with sleeping when I have to switch shifts like that. Well this time I couldn't get enough and was out like a light right away both nights after getting home. Something remarkable happened last night (Monday). I had an intense dream about my Nonna. In it she was mysteriously risen from the grave and came first to me to break the news to everyone together. It was the most realistic dream I've ever had, and I woke up and cried. Yea I freeking cried (tears started filling my eyes I mean) that's how powerful and realistic it was. This was my maternal grandmother, who I was incredibly close to growing up. I was the eldest of her 9 grandchildren (My Aunt had 8, while I was an only child).


So in all fairness I decided to make this Way Back Wednesday a day dedicated to all of my grandmothers. Here they are...

My Adoptive Mother's Mother..

( My first birthday, Nonna holding me)


My Adopted Father's mother...

(Gram & I, age 14 and the half shirt was from my Dad..ehk what a geek I was)


My Biological Father's mother..

(my two sons and my biological Paternal Grandmother)

would you believe THIS was her as a child?


My Biological Mother's mother..

(I was 20 here, ehk not that smile again)

(I just love those three pictures of her and my eldest son)


My Great Grandmother

(My adoptive father's paternal Grandmother)

My Dad, Great Grandmother & I (I think I was 4 or 5) sunlight damage to photo

(My Great-Grandmother & I (at 12 going thru a geeky stage)


They are all gone now except my Gram (my Adopted Father's mother) and strangely enough I was close to all of them. I am so very lucky not only to have known them all, but to have each as such a positive and loving influence in my life. The first to pass on was my great grandmother (1989), followed by my beloved Nonna (1990) , biological Maternal Grandmother (1995) and then biological Paternal Grandmother (2000). Next week it will be a grandfather tribute.


So.. here is a question :

How many grandmothers have you had in your lives?

How many are still with you?

(Yea I know two Memes in two days, but I would love to hear your stories if you care to share)


Laters :)

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