Tuesday, April 25, 2006
My Luck...
Yesterday the publishing end of blogger was down for 10 hours, couldn't get my post up till after 1PM. Then today.. (since I worked 2-11 yesterday and have it completely off) I try to go online and no connection. I called Comcast and the 1st lady informs me everything is fine, my area has a 96% internet connection rate. My modem is acting really weird, all the important lights are lit and then slowly they fade away, and then come back, and then go again. A tech calls me after 2 hours of waiting:

Comcast Tech: We performed an upgrade this morning and it appears your modem is no longer compatible with our service. We are working on it.

Me: Not compatible? I don't understand why that is.

Comcast Tech: Evidently when you switched ISP's (I moved into my condo last November) you already owned your Motorola Modem and brought it with you.

Me: Yes I did.

Comcast Tech: Well , this modem will no longer work with our Cumcast High Speed Internet Service. We will need to schedule someone to come out and bring you a new model.


Comcast Lady: Well Mr. ****** the earliest appointment I have available is Thursday the 27th between 3-5 PM.

Me: That won't work, I don't get home until 415 or so.

Comcast Lady: I'm sorry that's the next available time, perhaps we could look into this coming week?


I am so pissed. Essentially I will be without Internet until Thursday evening.I am blogging from my mother's today (as I needed to do Laundry) and will have to post from work tomorrow morning after 8AM. This especially sucks because they have been watching me like a hawk lately.She's calling it's time to eat lunch..


Laters :(
S66 C11 150
(yea ok I made that up..)
(circa 6:20 PM)
*Ring* *Ring*
Me: Hello ..

Comcast Tech: Mr ****** we've been working all afternoon on your connection issue and were able to come up with a successful patch to accommodate your Motorola 4100. Please reset your router and reboot your PC. You should have no issues connecting now.


(20 minutes later after every single stupid-ass startup program on my PC finishes loading and allows me to click on my IE Icon....)


Me: Yup...I'm up. Thanks so much for all of your help.


Ya know, it's just amazing how much you get done around the house when there is no Internet. This place is freeking spotless now, all clothes are cleaned (Mom's today) and I am just in such the better mood this evening because of it all. Thanks Comcast!! :)

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