Saturday, April 22, 2006
John Waters...

turns 59 today...

Waters with Patty Hearst


My fascination with John Waters began in the summer of 1997 when a new friend decided to pop in Polyester. I was completely hooked from that point on..

It honestly was the cheesiest most hysterical film I had ever seen and found myself craving more. I snagged a copy that week and then within the year I had my hands on Pink Flamingos, Desperate Living, Female Trouble, Cry Baby and Serial Mom. I fell in love with Edith Massey, David Lochary, Cookie Mueller, Mary Vivien Pierce, Mink Stole and of course Divine. The ONLY film John ever made which even to this day I detest is Hairspray. I am not sure why, but I have maybe sat through it (and barely) twice.

Over the years I have been able to add to my collection some other rather rare early films such as The Diane Linkletter Story (which intro'd with a rare drag performance by Divine), Mondo Trasho and Multiple Maniacs and such memorabilia as an original Polystester Scratch and Sniff card.

More recently John has gone completely mainstream with Pecker (Edward Furlong & Christina Ricci), Cecil B. Demented (Melanie Griffiths & Stephen Dorff) and his latest which I think is just completely hysterical A Dirty Shame (Tracey Ullman, Chris Isaak, Johnny Knoxville & Selma Blair)

Even if you are not a Waters fan..SEE THIS! There is even a cameo appearance by Jean Hill (remember Grizelda from Desperate Living & The church lady who bites the tire in Polyester?). No? Here are a couple pics to jog your memory... (should there be one)

(promo photo for Desperate living, from left Jean Hill, Mary Vivian Pierce, Edith Massey)

(here she is killing Mr. Gravel (Peggy's husband) by sitting on his face)

as a tribute on his birthday, and for those of you who are familiar with the late great

Edith Massey.. Did you know she had a rather brief career as a Punk singer in the 80's?(for those who aren't familiar here's a couple shots to jar your worries if you have no idea who she is, not many outside of Water's following do )

Here are two clips from her only official release.. which is the original single and bside released in the late 1980's on 7" Vinyl and while they were obviously never hits, I (for one) sure do appreciate her efforts.

(Comical, yes, but then again that was always Edith's charm, she didn't care)

Punks get off the grass (single)
Big Girls don't cry (bside)
(click to listen, right-click to save)


and now on to other un-interesting topics..

I did nothing of importance yesterday..worked till 3, came home drank a couple cups of tea and then set off for my walk while listening to Episode #9 of Darin & Donnie's The Dirty Dish (which was hysterical guys) and then came home, showered and went with my friend to Mohegan Sun (an Indian Casino 50 minutes south of here). We didn't gamble so much as hit their incredible Buffet .. it's full of ever-changing amazing non-typical dishes( and worth the trip for this alone!!) My exiting Friday night.. :(

I got home at like 1:30 AM, fell asleep, woke up miserably later and well, here I am..
I am sooo rushing today, was out way too late last night .. ugh

Laters :)

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Blogger The_Gay_Dude said...
John Waters has the coolest house in's in an old fire station.....complete with a pole to go from the kitchen to the clubroom in the basement.....I love John Waters!

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