Sunday, April 23, 2006
yikes I was playing around with Audacity most of the night and all of this morning.. I swear to god that program rocks my world. I don't profess to be proficient yet, but you guys should go snag this.. NOW! (it's free no excuses) I basically have nothing to report that isn't covered in my Audio Post below, but if I can get my shit together and maybe find a friend interested, I just might be throwing together a podcast in the near future. Yea ok, few of my friends listen to them anyway .. but still I've never had so much fun before trying to mix and create.So it's Sunday, you are bored (I am projecting a bit here) and well maybe some people haven't heard my voice yet, if ya want on the goofy Persian guy below with the huge lips and big nose.. (it's barely 6 minutes long, but has a bizarre intro and oh yea I guess next time I need to stay a little bit farther back from the mic because .. well you'll see if you listen)

(click above to play .. right-click to save)


Laters :)
S64 C12 150

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