Sunday, April 30, 2006

(an attempt at spoofing The Grudge, not so funny)

Went to see this today with the kids, and well it was pretty bad. I really expected something better, because if it's one thing that may be said of the Scary Movie Trilogy, each have been more enjoyable than it's predecessor. I liked #1, loved #2 and #3 had me in hysterics. Well they hit rock bottom with this new release because apart from the very ending (which was completely unrelated to the "storyline" and thrown in as sort of a bonus) the film left me empty, hardly a grin, nevermind a laugh. It was awful. The kids seemed to enjoy it to some degree, which is one positive thing in any case. I wouldn't recommend wasting your money in the theatre with this one, if you must, rent it when it becomes available (in the near future I would imagine, word is out already and there were less than ten people in the theatre at a 2:30 Saturday matinee)


Before the film we hit TGI Fridays for a big lunch which as always was incredible. It is probably our favorite restaurant of late, and while I don't always have the fundage to take them out to lunch (I get all sorts of creative in my kitchen usually) today I had some extra $$$ and we had a great time. If you have one close and want to try something new (and incredible) get the Grilled Chicken Flavor shots, you won't regret it. Grilled chicken, 5 spicy sauces in shot glasses, served over yellow rice and with stemmed green beans & was perfect.

Apart from that we spent the afternoon here at the condo, my younger son playing his video games and downloading music/skateboarding videos while his brother and I were enjoying a cake that I made Thursday night and a cup of Black Tea. The kid loves tea, and today he brought some of his own, which his grandfather bought for him and I had a cup as well (having recently stopped drinking coffee anyway). He is too funny, evidently the cup I first made it for him in was too big, he insisted on a small tea cup and saucer, very English he said. He also told me that he's been having at least two cups a day at home, like anything with him (and me to a degree) nothing is in moderation. If we like it, it becomes a repetitive routine in our lives (at least until the next interest comes along)
I brought them home at around 5 (a little earlier because it was straight from the movies), drove over to the old house and did the 4 miler (Chad Fox #3 Podcast), once again running more than power walking, it's getting easier and easier recently and with very evident results. I've been running and crunching now for about 3 months solid, and while the weather is getting much more conducive to the running part, my crunches have begun to get a bit stale and repetitive, and so while having dinner (grilled chicken with jalapenos in a salsa, habichuela and cheddar sauce I concocted) I turned on the TV (something I rarely do if not eating) and what came on the screen? Nick Lachey working for Gunnar Peterson's infomercial on the Core Secrets exercise ball. What would Jessica think of this?

Normallly I wouldn't give this (or any) informercial a second glance, however as I said the crunches are becoming repetitive and boring, not to mention that I have used a Ball of this type when I belonged to the Gym in '03 and loved the results.. OH and "If you call within the next 12 minutes, you can have the entire package for the low price of ....$9.95" Now this is provided you call and cancel the upcoming updated videos (which they will send you bi-monthly) and I plan on doing, so yea in a week this should arrive.........

In the mean time I'll stick to what I am doing currently on my back (2 reps of 75). With this thing though, you can work all different areas of your body. Can't wait for it to arrive.


Laters :)

S71 C12 150

Blogger potusol said...
Those balls are great for exercise. It's amazing the stuff you can do with them and just your body weight for a workout. That's also one of the things I like about yoga. It kicks my butt harder than any 5 mile run ever did. I'm glad you guys are having a good weekend. : )

Blogger Tim said...
Hey Jim --

glad to see you haven't given up on the blog.

Blogger Steve said...
I abso-fucking-lutely love the cobb salad at Fridays. Just ask Chris. Did I mention how much I love that salad? Hope you're having a great weekend, by the way.

Blogger Hanuman1960 said...
Poor Nick has to do something to pay the bills!

Although a centerfold in Torso magazine would probably pay veeery well indeed..... ;P

Blogger Brad said...
Glad you have the company of the boys this weekend Jim. I think you could probably use having them around right now.

Blogger Polt said...
TGIFridays Vanilla Bean CHeesecake is diVINE! The next best thing to sex, I kid you not! I get moist just thinking about eating it. Oh it plays hell with the blood sugar, but is it worth it!

What would Jessica think of those stills? Probably kicking herself for not being able to see him do all that nude! That's what I'd be doing!

Luv ya!

Blogger VeryApeAZ said...
Nick Lachey doing an infomercial... I still have more respect for him than Jessica's career.

Blogger Michael said...
Mmm....Fridays. That was my hangout for years when I did theater. We'd head over there after a show or rehearsals to sit and play the trivia games and laugh over appetisers and (well for me)coffee. Good times..and good food too (even if they did get rid of the Jalapeno poppers).

I stopped with Scary Movie 2 actually. The wierd thing is that the preview at the theatres made 4 look good. Sorry to hear that is sucked :(

Hi PG,
I HATE crunches. I do 400 a day, but then I'm sort of on the intensive remedial program. I have to force myself everyday. I think my problem is that I love TGIF's cheesecake way too much.
Nick and Gunnar, huh? Hmmmmmm...

Blogger . said...
Me and Joel planned to go see it. It was my idea since I thought he first 3 Scary Movies were freakin hysterical. Well my oldest daughter and her boyfriend went to see it on a date and came back wit BAD BAD BAD reviews. Said it was the stupidest movie they had ever seen. OK coming from a 17 year old it MUST'VE been really bad.

Sooooo, we decided to wait for the DVD! Now after reading THIS, I am glad we opted to wait.

Blogger Knottyboy said...
The warming weather really gets under your skin and you have to get outside and stretch your legs and get some air in your lungs. I love this time of year, your body get strong so fast and you know with the hard work comes the attentions of handsome guys with nothing good on their minds. LOL

Blogger Kalvin said...
The ball is fantastic. I love it. My brother is a personal trainer, and he loves it too. Plus, if you get enough hand weights you wouldn't even need a gym. (but you may like going to the steam room after a workout anyway, who knows)

Blogger Adam said...
Poor, poor nick having to hock items for Guthy renker. You know you're a has been when you're on an informercial. Its not so bad, being a has been can actually be quite lucrative, even more so than being a half-assed talentless pop idol.

Blogger Tay Hota said...
yeah, ummm... as for TGIF's? "TGI Friday's 'sorry' after diner finds finger slice?

Blogger Tay Hota said...
yeah, but have you tried the finger burger?? to DIE for.... (or, of...)

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