Thursday, November 02, 2006
so my friend arrived..
(Eric on left, & my friend Nick on right)
So yesterday my oldest (gay) friend Eric moved back up here from Greensboro, NC. He had relocated down there about 6 years ago to "get away" from Springfield and all it's "drama" (his words). He had a go at it, but in the end decided to return to his native Western Massachusetts. He doesn't have a job up here yet, is living with his parents at the moment and has all his things in one of those storage places. My friend Nick (pictured above right) and I helped him move everything out of the Uhaul last night after I got out of work. Evidently he has 2 months to find something and move out of there. He is one of the most ambitious people I know, it shouldn't take him half that time to find something and a place to live.
We met only months after I came out in '97. We started off dating, which lasted about a month, turned quickly to friendship and then we had a go at dating again about a year later, which was so short lived I'm actually hesitant to call it dating. Of course I was living with my estranged bf at the time (pretty complicated). In the end we stayed friends, sometimes over the past few years losing touch for months at a time, but always able to pick up the phone and call each other like no time had passed. We have had our spats (minor really) but in the end have stayed pretty close. I still can't believe he's back here. Let the partying begin!! (hehe kidding)
I really am so very happy he's here. I missed him sumthin' fierce.
I did something dumb last night (boredom or something) and clipped. I hate it (I knew I would that's the messed up part) Oh well, like a good Persian body it will grow back quickly. I guess I have to remove my profile from that Bear site. I never touch below the waist of course and never have. Well once maybe, but it was just plain stupid.
Thanks so much for all your comments on yesterday's post. I can't wait for my mother to see that slide show clip thing I made, we will probably be sobbing fools half way through it. But hey, sharing moments like that with her is one of the most beautiful things on this earth. We have always had a strong emotional bond, even tho she drives me INSANE sometimes! :)
Oh yea, maybe some of you might have noticed that I put that Voice Mail thing on my sidebar. If you have a microphone leave a message, it would be great to hear what some of my blogger buddies sound like (thanks Darin & Michael for already leaving me messages). Just click on the "Talk to the Persian" link at the bottom of the box and follow the instructions (it's so easy).
I am sort of running late today (like always) since I was up late again scanning pictures in from that huge batch my Aunt gave me.. Here is another cool really old one I found:

(the 1917 wedding of my great grandparents Rosa & Diego, Springfield, MA.)
oh and amen to creative poses! :)

Happy YOGA HNT :)
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Blogger Tay Hota said...
amazes me, as small as Greensboro seems, I've been here about 14 years (ugh) and had never seen your friend... hmmm, too bad... did you ever come visit him here??

Blogger Isolde said...
Hey Persian, how are ya?

Blogger Polt said...
Hehehe, nice HNT. Not sure what exactly you're doing, BUT, I'm liking how low the undies hang.....schweet!


Blogger Doug said...
That's really cool that Eric is back. The best friends are those you can lose touch with, and pick back up as if no time has passed.

Re: your HNT pic: HOT DAMN!! Talk about inspiring me to do more yoga! You have the most creative HNT pics. Very, very nice.


Blogger "W" said...
Hmm...why is is that I read you daily, but usually just post on HNT?

Hmm...perhaps you can show me a few yoga poses?

BTW...awesome photo album idea from yesterday. You were cute as a young man, but you've grown into a total hottie as a 30-something.


Blogger vuboq said...
My brother lives in Greensboro.
I think I'm going there for Xmas this year. whoopee.

Blogger The Persian said...
eh... I was just trying something different. I mean I was running out of normalish looking angles lol.

Before I deleted my blog last may I had participated in 28 HNTs.

The more I look at this pic the less I like it, maybe I'll take it down.

Thanks for commenting :)

Blogger daveincleveland said...
you must let us know how your mom likes the video ....glad to hear your friend is back...he is kinda cute......and hot pic of you dear friend but easy on the clippers ok.....:)

Blogger LEE ANN said...
Great photos!
Happy HNT!

Blogger patti_cake said...
HHNT to you too!

It's great that your friend moved back. Yay for old friends!!!

Blogger Wenchy said...
So nice that your friend is closer to you.

Happy HNT!

Blogger barefoot_mistress said...
One word, Persian:

Blogger Spider said...
DAMN, I love Thursday... and I SO need to take up yoga...

Blogger Timmy said...
hot picture! awesome that you and your friend could reconnect!

Blogger potusol said...
YAY for friends moving home : )

Blogger VeryApeAZ said...
It's always fun to reconnect with friends. But I hope eric realizes you can never escape gay drama. It's EVERYWHERE! :-P

Blogger . said...
HOT at aslways and thanks for stopping by to welcome me back! HHNT

Blogger Steve said...
Glad to hear you have a close friend to hang out with again. Oh yeah, happy HNT, too.

Blogger Donald said...
very nice HNT pic :-)

Blogger Derek said...
YOu know if I had guys like you in my yoga class, I never would have gave it up! Woof, Great post, good to have good friends come back into your life. Love that old photo!

Blogger Jimmi said...
You friend Eric is pretty cute :) LOL

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
Lovin' the yoga shot...JEEZ!

Blogger JR said...
It is nice to have old friends back.

Blogger Doghigh said...
Although I no longer participate...HHNT!

Blogger Regal said...
Happy belated HNT and very thought provoking substance in your blog! Have a great weekend.

Blogger Stephen said...
Wow, great pic. I read you didn't like the pic you posted for HNT. I've looked and looked at it trying to see what there was not to like, and for the life of me can't find it, maybe I need to go back at look again. ;)

Blogger Jeepy said...

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