Sunday, October 01, 2006
Incredibly sore today..
we walked from 10:30 AM to 4:00 PM around the Big E. We never sat (except once for 5 minutes). I swear we hit every single inch of that place. My older son was kind of in a bad mood, he's stressing out about school and a ton of homework he has to complete for Monday. He's staying home today, I'll take my younger son up to to pick up Gram (she's getting pretty bad and we need to get her out and about at least a couple times a week).

My Aunt informed me that the bank called her. They said my Gram is taking out large amounts of money a couple times a week. We don't know what she is doing with it, and when we see her she always claims to have nothing in her purse. We are becoming concearned. We have no idea what is going on. Her expenses/Bills are paid directly by her trustee (lawyer) and she has no need for money apart from shopping and maybe going out to dinner. The account she is tapping into is merely an income account, which is funded by the proceeds of her trust and investments. It was meant to provide her with extra money in order to enjoy herself, as I said her expenses are taken care of by another similar account which she has no access to (well not without the signature of my Aunt). But still, it's just one of many of her latest behavioral patterns that is causing concearn. I mean what does an 81 year old woman need 500-1000$ a week for?? And no, to the best of our knowledge she doesn't have some young hot boyfriend. :)
Today is the last day of The Big E. I am really happy to see it end. Hopefully we made a killing over there last night, traffic was insane as I was leaving (at 4Pm) the worst (or best depending on how you look at it) I have ever seen. I still have a case of cigarettes to unload (well I did yesterday morning) I would love to go in today and see half of that gone, altho it's unlikely.
To answer Hanuman's comment on yesterday's post, no he isn't Dave Madsen (ew). He is a newbie by the name of Matthew Arnold. You see him on every once in a while, usually a gay themed story.
Thanks for all the great comments on my wacked out video, I so much appreciated them. It is actually much more fun making something like that vrs. a boring old video of me talking away about nothing (yea that's my life). I'll keep making videos, just not every day as I had originally intended. I tried making one last night, to Tori Amos' Professional Widow Armand Van Helden mix, but the final result was not too good. I scrapped the post from my video blog, but it's still up on You Tube for those who want to see it (and can figure out how to get to my vids).
So that's it, my drawn out boringish Sunday post.
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Blogger Doug said...
Sore is good. I love the muscle pains after a good workout.

Blogger Miladysa said...
I hope everything is OK with your Gram.

Blogger Rian said...
The thing with your Gram is really strange. Did you (or your Aunt) ask her what she's doing with that money? Maybe she's just hiding it somewhere in the house?! Or, maybe there is a scammer who fraudulently wants money from her. That had happened to my grandparents once.

Blogger patti_cake said...
I sure hope your Gram hasn't been scammed or anything .... and I hope you did, indeed make a killing at the Big E

Anonymous Benji said...
big E... nice... that means you're near me :)

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