Thursday, September 14, 2006
The leaf peepers are coming...

Yawn.... I am so glad I made this post last night. It seems lately I have had the worst time getting up and moving in the morning. Maybe it's the season, cooler mornings etc. Uh-oh know what that means? Soon the leaf-peepers will be here in New England. Did you know that people ACTUALLY fly here from all over the country (and world) to look at our fall foliage? How incredibly weird is THAT? I mean a tree is a tree right? ok maybe not, but still.
I've notice something of late, perusing around blogs (some of which I am familiar with, some are new to me). It has been said that people can come out of their shell when blogging (compared to real life) and become the person (virtually) that they may have always desired to be in the real world. I'm finding this to be partially untrue. Has anyone ever noticed that the most popular bloggers are often the most confident & sucessful achievers? I have. I wonder if that is possibly because of their eventful lives they are able to offer up material which others naturally find interesting. Maybe I think too much sometimes...
Thanks to my buddy Polty, I am posting this kool MEME.

1. Do you leave a tip at a restaurant? If so, how much?
Do you double the tax?

yes of course, doubling the tax would be for bad service (in my case)
eh maybe I'm a little too generous at times.

2. What celebrity did you have a crush on growing up?
Olivia Newton John & Andy Gibb

3. Do you excuse yourself to “fart” or let it rip and blame the guy next to you?
I never ever let it rip, I guess it's just something I was raised not to do.

4. When entering or exiting a store, do you hold the door open for the person behind you, if they're relatively close… if they're more than 10 steps away do you pause and hold the door open?
I'll hold it open if they are reasonably close.
I have on the other hand not held doors for people I had issues with.
(like at work or something)

5. Ever had mono?
Yup, freshman year of college.
I was bedridden for a whole month!!

Bonus (as in optional): Ever paid for sex?
nope, but I have been propositioned. Yikes!
Are video blog's creepy? I am interested in what people think.
I even made a video about it!! :) What do YOU think?
I know I posted on this yesterday, but today is officially my birthmother's birthday.
Happy Birthday Blanche!!

(she was pregnant with me in this photo)

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Blogger Michael said...
Well, I gotta say that you're right he's a doll.

But You sir, that's just sexy :)

Thank you again. I can't figure out how to say it enough. Thank you so much! (and I don't care if folks don't know what the hell I'm talking about)


Blogger purpletwinkie said...
WOW. Nice shot there! HAPPY HNT for sure!

Blogger castor said...
Oh, oh, oh ... mhhhm :-P ! :-)

Blogger Rian said...
The last scene in this video is hysterical.

And hey, nice pic by the way! ;-)

Blogger Spitfire said...
My hungover ass cares what is being talked about...

That video made me laugh so hard it hurt my hungover brain, and your legs made me horny...umm..that means I am still a little drunk.

Damn....and what a pretty pretty doll you have next to you...

oh god I am going to be single forever.

um...why am I still talking??

HHNT, dear, thanks for the yumminess

Blogger LEE ANN said...
All wonderful pictures!
You are adorable.
Happy HNT!

Blogger Scott E D said...
Sometimes have the overwhelming urge to feed you a sandwich.

Blogger Isolde said...
Lovely bit o' nekkidness! And, I think I'm gonna pinch that meme!

Blogger daveincleveland said...
dear jim ...every pic gets better and better...thanks for the hnt pic...always a cutie......have a great day....:)

Blogger Kevin said...
Nice shot. But I've seen better ... heh ... ;)

Blogger barefoot_mistress said...
Hey PG, sorry about the snakes! LOL

Blanche was a cutey eh!? What a sport you are for sticking her on here! HB Blanche!

As for the peepers, well, we dont have many tree that change colors here, so it's definitely very different and very beautiful and worth invading your town to see! Look out, we are coming!

I have been told that I am exactly the same in real life as I am on my ya know....little bit more research there....

Blogger "W" said...
YumX2 !!!

Very Happy HNT to you...awesome stuff.

And to six shooter, I've seen him do better too, but Jim's HNT's are always HOT.

On a serious note, I feel like blogging definitely lets people come out of their shells and get it all out there.


Blogger Doug said...
Happy Birthday Blanche!

I've thought about heading north during the season change. Living in Florida, I haven't seen the leaves change in about 29 years.

Regarding blogging and people's shells, I tend to come across much more formal in my blog. I'm much more fun in person (I hope).

The kid in that video reminds me of the girl from the movie "Real Genius." The kid probably is not as much of a genius, though. And I would so date the potato. Hot.

And about your pic. Oh. My. God.

I used to live in StStephen. My family is from Campobello - the fall in Machias is something to behold. I understand why everyone loves New England! HHNT!

Blogger Polt said...
thanks for the mention, dude, but I got the meme at Too Much Information Tuesdays. they put a new one out each week.

nice HNT photo, although it was a bit too blurry, and you were a bit too overdressed. :)

HAPPY HNT! anyways

Blogger patti_cake said...
Whew I was afraid I couldn't access your blog... due to some restriction on our internet. I can't get on Scotty (Other Side of Straight) Boo Hoo! I would so be one of the leaf-peepers if I could... I heart New England and almost moved to Boston

Blogger lime said...
mention of your birthmother led me to yesterdays post and the link it contained. thanks so much for sharing that story. i'm also adopted (see my july 3 archive)and torn about whether or not to search. you really echo a lot of my feelings for holding back on the search but i'm glad it worked out pretty well for you.


Blogger Steve said...
I'm getting ready for my first fall in New England. I've seen the leaves change in the Smokey Mountains, but people say that ain't shit compared to here. Oh yeah, my parents are leaf peepers. They're planning on being here sometime in October. HHNT.

Anonymous Chris said...
Oh, my eyes! My eyes!

Blogger Jimmi said...
Love the idea of the changing leaves. We don't really get that here in Phoenix but I am from the Midwest so I remember it well. It is a whole feeling of fall. It's almost like when you would go school shopping and you would have all new school supplies, it is a major marker of a season change. I miss that! Living in Phoenix you can get very confused over time as to when an event took place because many will say, oh that happened last winter or 3 summers ago. Here in Phoenix we don't see the seasons as the rest of the country does. hmmmm

Ok so on the subject of popular blogers. I honestly think that there are a lot of bloggers that hide behind their blog and try to make themselves out to be a completely different person than their real life. A facade if you will... I found this out the hard way befriending someone that later I find is the opposite of who he claims to be in his blog. Sad really...
Sorry if I sound like negative Nancy on here :(

Blogger NeiLDC said...
Hey Buddy!
Yup its going to change the climate once again and the autumn leaves are falling and changing colors. its nice photography then.

About blogging. We all have the things we wanted to put. In some way or some people its the way they could show who they are!

Happy HNT bro!

about the meme... hmmmm smile... you should never pay for SX!

Blogger tornwordo said...
Nice HNT! And when you come from So. California as I do, the deciduous trees are truly magical. What bores me are endless sunny days, lol.

Even when blurry, you're hot,hot, Hot!
Funny video.

Blogger JR said...
that was a fun meme...and good luck with the leaf-peepers...hopefully, you won't have any problems on the road with them...

Blogger Kalvin said...
oops, JR's comment was min.

Blogger JR said...
Yeah my comment really is nice naughty pic! We have this left signed in issue sharing a computer...

Blogger Kevin said...
Oh "W" there was NO disrespect to this pic intended at all. He is indeed hotness personified. I was just being naughty ... because I've seen some of his other "work." :)

Blogger The Persian said...
*stares blankly at six*

I'm sure I have no idea what you mean.

Blogger Polt said...
I wanna see some other of his "work" toooooooo!!!! (in whiney 6 year old voice).... :P

HUGS and stuff

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