Thursday, May 04, 2006
They were right..
About a month ago I went to the dentist after an absence of 4 years. It was the result of an achy wisdom tooth which had (as the result of grinding) lost a small part of it's left side and also the filling which had been placed there years ago. I was really not looking forward to this visit, not just because of what I perceived to be the pain that would result, but more importantly because I was picturing the way the hygienist would go spazo (which they sometimes do) when I opened my mouth to show her the problem after a long absence and no cleanings since 2002. Well she said nothing at first and the dentist himself told me my teeth were in much better shape than I had thought (and vocalized). The wisdom tooth had to go, there wasn't enough left (after grinding) to fill it and after all it was only a wisdom tooth. So I made an appointment with an oral surgeon and they removed it a week later, no pain, no discomfort, no "dry socket" aftermath, it was a breeze.
Continuing onward to my first cleaning, which took place the following week. Ok this is really where I was going to "get it" by the hygienist when she had to clean off 4 years worth of plaque, buildup etc. Imagine my surprise when she said
Hygienist: "You know for someone who hasn't been here in 4 years you have virtually no plaque on your teeth, apart from the mild staining from smoking and coffee/tea your teeth are in great shape and so are your gums"
Me: Really?
Hygienist: "And also, something very interesting has occurred I want to take some photographs of"
Me: What??
Hygienist: "Well you have at least two places where a cavity had started to form and naturally so did the de-calcification of the tooth." (that means it started to turn dark in a spot, we all know what cavities look like) But you see something changed in either your diet or dental hygiene (I have always been an avid brusher and flosser so this was news to me) which has caused the cavity to cease development and actually the surface became hard and strong again healthy in every way except for a small discoloration where the cavity had begun to form. You reversed the process somehow. "
So I was shocked, and for the life of me couldn't figure out what in the hell I have done differently in the past 4 years (because these spots didn't exist back then). I was at a loss and afterward didn't think much of it. That is until yesterday..and then I remembered, about two years ago I gave up regular soda (which I have always drank heaps of in the past) for Diet. I even went online to verify this could be a factor and in fact was pleasantly surprised to find out there is a direct relationship between the two. The dentists were right! I was raised in a home where Coca Cola (my step-dad had false teeth by 30) was always available and I grew up drinking it regularly. Naturally I always detested the taste of Diet Soda, I don't care what they do with it, throw in Lime or Vanilla Flavor, introduce artificial sweeteners like Nutra-Sweet or the newcomer Splenda, it never ever tasted the same or even close. I do not believe those people who tell me they can't tell the difference, that is just ridiculous. I still to this day do not enjoy Diet soda so much, but as I do like soda when I eat certain things (like really hot food) this is always my choice now. As a result I drink much less in general (1 every other day or so compared to 2-3 a day) and in the end my body thanks me for that.
So anyway, about 2 years ago (spurred on by my Aunt who told me in passing that X Amount of glasses of Coke causes you to gain X amount of pounds or something) I gave up regular soda entirely, haven't touched it since. And ya know WHAT? It made a difference! They were right all along, I freeking reversed two cavities...who would have thought that possible? I mean yea ok I can see preventing a cavity, I'll buy that, but reversing one? The Hygienist even went so far as to take photos of the teeth to illustrate this strange phenomenon.
Moral of the story... Dentists are not out to reduce the profits of companies such as Coke & Pepsi, if they come out and tell you something (which they have for as long as I can remember in this case) LISTEN, because it is in your best interest to do so, unless you have an affinity for dentures.
I can't believe it's Thursday already.. these weeks are sailing by! I don't mind so much because as each passing day closes that is one more workout/run under my belt and one day closer to my goals. It also helps that the weekends come more quickly :) Last night I listened to yet another Chox cast (click on his name and scroll down and look to the right where his 8 podcasts are listed) I have been listening to dozens of other casts of late while I run each night and have found his the most comfortable and stimulating (to work out to I mean). There is very little dialogue and it's basically a DJ session which is as diverse and interesting as you can imagine. I am not aware of his background in Music, as I have not really spent that much time reading the blog (my bad), but his work is incredible, I can't recommend it enough. The one from last night started with Laurence Welk EVEN (yikes .. so not my type of music) and I was still loving it.
Laters :)
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Blogger Donald said...
When I was diagnosed last year with Type II Diabetes, I went to see a nutritionist. I asked her if there was any food I should avoid altogther. She said it was all about moderation, and that the only thing she always suggest people avoid altogether is non-diet pop/soda. Pure sugar!!! I have been drinking diet soda ever since.

Blogger Hanuman1960 said...
I've decreased my soda intake in the last year as well ( down to a can of Dr Pepper a week!).

That's amazing about the cavity reversal!! :)

Blogger . said...
I was at the dentist on Tuesday and got a good report. I have never had a cavity and they are always trying to figure out why. Seriously...I only started really brushing daily about 7 or 8 years ago (I know that is sooo disgusting). When iw as a teen I would go days without brushing.

As for sodas...i switched to exclusively Diet about 3 years ago myself.

Congrats on the great report!

Blogger CyberWarlock said...
I used to be a huge Pepsi drinker. About 5 years ago I went to the dentist because I had a really bad cavity... I had more than 1. After about 6 trips to the dentist and several thousand dollars worth of work later. I stopped having a case of pop in my fridge. I drink one now and then, but no longer 2-4 a day. I would like to keep my teeth as long as I can.

Blogger BriteYellowGun said...
You cavity freak!!! ;) I had a dentist tell me a year ago that I not only had 2 cavities that needed to be filled but also two old fillings starting to crumble that would need to be replaced with crowns. We're talking major money here. I never had the work done, went to a new dentist two months ago and told them what the old dentist said. They took x-rays, looked at everything and said, "You have no cavities and your old fillings appear to be just fine right now". You can't trust anyone these days...they're all out for the buck.

Blogger Will said...
I made sure I never had sodas of any kind in the house as I was raising my daughters, Unfortunately, poor pre-natal diet in Korea meant they had weak enamel and they've suffered for it at the dentist's ever since. But they've avoided the other problems associated with sodas and I'm very happy for that.

I never drank sodas as a kid and didn't have my first cavity until I was 35. I've only got four total. Wine is SO much better for you!!

Blogger Jim said...
Thats pretty cool, Jim. I had a similar dental experience after a longer hiatus from regular cleaning. I think my luck is also due to not consuming much sugar.

Blogger Kalvin said...
That's great news! I have to admit that dialogue isn't very conducive to working out. I used to try and listent to books on tape when I would run, and it just didn't work. I love Lawrence Welk! Have you had regular soda in a while though? I used to hate diet soda, and now I can't stand regular soda. The problem is usually people become so addicted to diet soda that it's like heroin. The other big danger is sweet mixed drinks, but I don't think you have that problem, sigh, but some of us occasionally do, mmm...margaritas...

Blogger thru my eyes said...
That is amazing, I didn't know cavities could be reversed!!!! I have never been here before but I want to come back and read your adoption post. I don't have time right now but I will be back. Great blog.

I hardly ever drink soda any more. What I do a lot at home is keep a 2 liter bottle of Schweppes or something like that and add fruit juice. It's less sweet, but it has the fizzy excitement of soda. I hate cavities.

Blogger VeryApeAZ said...
I never drank soda as a kid--only Kool-Aid. Which probably destroys more teeth than Coke ever could. :-P

Blogger Rich Brown said...
Thats awsome that switching to diet helped saved you from cavities. I gave up drinking regular soda back in the early 90's when I was bartending. I didn't like the taste of it initially but I have to say that after 15 years of diet I quite enjoy the taste now. I think regular soda tastes too 'thick' or syrupy for me now. Same with whole milk I suppose as well. I did actually have you beat with avoiding the dentist. I hadn't gone back to the dentist since my senior year at University in 1994 so that made it about 12 years without a cleaning for me. I too am an avid brusher and flosser, so when I finally went back for the first time this year, the dentist was amazed at how great my teeth were. I just needed a cleaning and I was good to go. Guess it shows that if you take care of your teeth they'll take care of you. ;-)

Blogger barefoot_mistress said...
I just love an ice cold diet coke, and, I gave up regular soda abouta year ago..I don't really miss it.

Hurray about your teeth! I was at the dentist today too....:D

Blogger Brad said...
One of the best things about diet pepsi or coke is the no sugar means NO CARBS and the resulting massive calories!

Blogger Michael said...
Ya know what's funny actually, I don't like regular Coke because it's way too sweet for me. I actually do drink Diet Coke (well maybe 2 a week if that) when I want that fizzy soda type thing.

I used to be a Dr. Pepper junky but got that monkey off my back by drinking Calistoga fizzy water. Turns out I just wanted the fizz heh.

Have a great weekend if I don't get to talk to ya amigo :)

Blogger potusol said...
I have NEVER had a cavity EVER. But I was a soda junkie in the worst worst way. I used to drink a minimum of a two liter bottle a day. But since I started the health kick I've totally gotten off of regular soda. That's part of the reason I lost so much weight and my stomach acid finally got back to normal.

Blogger Nick said...
regular soda is just BAD! You definately have good teeth, my teeth are actually fine, I havent had a cavity in over 20 years, my gums on the otherhand, well my Periodontist has to do surgery that im putting off as long as i can.

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